The Maida Books

  • Maida’s Little Shop, 1910
    “In a darling little shop of her own Maida makes many friends with the school children who buy her fascinating wares.”
  • Maida’s Little House, 1921
    “All of her friends spend a happy summer in Maida’s perfect little house with everything a child could wish for.”
  • Maida’s Little School, 1926
    “Three delightful grownups come to visit and the children study many subjects without knowing that they are really going to school.”
  • Maida’s Little Island, 1939
    “Great is the joy of the Big Eight when Maida’s father takes them for a vacation to Spectacles, where exploring the island provides endless fun and many thrilling adventures.”
  • Maida’s Little Camp, 1940
    “High in the Adirondacks the four boys and four girls of the Big Eight spend a glorious month of fun and discovery.”
  • Maida’s Little Village, 1942
    “The Big Eight spend a happy summer restoring the beauty and quaintness of a deserted little village.”
  • Maida’s Little Houseboat, 1943
    “When ‘The Ark,’ Maida’s houseboat, goes adrift in Massachusetts Bay, the Big Eight are shipwrecked on an adventurous island.”
  • Maida’s Little Theater, 1946
    “Maida and her friends decide to turn an old barn into their own summer theater and learn that real life can be more exciting than the stage.”
  • Maida’s Little Cabins, 1947
  • Maida’s Little Zoo, 1949
  • Maida’s Little Lighthouse, 1951
  • Maida’s Little Hospital, 1952
  • Maida’s Little Farm, 1953
  • Maida’s Little House Party, 1954
  • Maida’s Little Treasure Hunt, 1955

3 thoughts on “The Maida Books

  • June 27, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    so happy to see you feature this old series! as a child in the 60’s, our very small local public library still had several of these titles. i ABSOLUTELY loved them! especially Maida’s Little Theater. years later, when my first child was about to be born, my husband and i wanted a truly unique name for our child, and none of the boy’s names seemed right – i think i somehow “knew” it was a girl because they didn’t do routine sonograms in those days. i remembered Maida and i remembered Miranda from the Tempest – we went back and forth, back and forth between the two names and finally settled on Miranda – but i have told my daughter if she ever has a daughter i expect her to be named Maida! thanks for the memories!

  • March 24, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    I have the entire Maida book collection. On one of my dustjackets, it shows a Maida’s Little Tree House. However, I have never been able to locate a copy of this books. Was it ever published?

    • February 17, 2017 at 5:09 pm

      I saw your question Carolyn and I was also wondering….I looked and there is a list of Little Maida books on Amazon and it has Maida’s Little Treehouse listed as book #16 in the series and was published in 1956 possibly.
      Kimberly (another fellow lover of Little Maida books)


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