Season 7 : 1947 – 1948

  • Marjorie Wants a New Coat
    Broadcast 11/12/47

    When the episode opens, Leroy is practicing the piano, has done is homework, and is behaving like a perfect gentleman. It doesn’t take long for Gildersleeve to discover the reason– Christmas is coming, and Leroy has a long list of things that he wants. Marjorie has something she wants, too, a new coat. She reminds Gildersleeve that he just got a raise, and he reminds her how he spent it last month– on a pork chop!

    Gildersleeve confides his financial worries to Floyd the barber. Floyd has a novel suggestion for getting a little extra cash: he asks Gildersleeve if he ever considered diluting the water that he sells. But then he comes up with another way to help his friend– he received a discount card from a visiting wholesale furrier.

    Gildersleeve, always the first to fall for a scam, takes the card and goes to the hotel room, and buys a coat. He’s happy with the purchase until he shows it to Judge Hooker. When he realizes that the coat is old and falling apart, he goes back to return it, and ends up buying out the whole business while the con artist makes a quick exit down the fire escape.

  • The School Play
    Broadcast 11/19/47

    Leroy is unhappy that he has been chosen to play the role of Paul Revere in the history pageant at his school. The worst part is that he has to kiss Ethel Hammerschlag. But his uncle is proud and delighted, and gives Leroy a lot of acting help, especially with delivering the stirring cry of “The British are coming!”

    In addition to acting coach, Gildersleeve also takes on the role of press agent, telling all his friends about the play and how Leroy is practically the star, and sells them all tickets. On the day of the play, however, Gildersleeve learns some very bad news– Leroy has been removed from the play. He goes down to the school and makes a fuss, and Eve Goodwin suggests a compromise– Leroy can be in the play, as Washington’s second aide de camp, with a single line.
    That evening, Gildersleeve hardly knows how to face his friends as they arrive at the play, and he doesn’t tell them what has happened. All turns out well when Leroy gets big laughs when he bows and his wig falls off, an accident that he repeats over and over. The evening ends with free sodas at Mr. Peavey’s.

  • Pots & Pans Salesman
    Broadcast 4/28/48

    Gildersleeve invites Adeline Fairchild over for dinner to celebrate their two-months anniversary. He’s forgotten, however, that he has given Birdie a few days off to attend a church conference in Salinas. He tries to get Marjorie to agree to cook, but it turns out she only knows how to make tapioca– her home economics class doesn’t do meat and potatoes until next semester. He tries to suggest taking Adeline out to dinner instead, but before he gets a chance, she gushes on and on about how dinner at home is so much more personal than
    going to a restaurant.

    He decides that he’ll cook dinner himself, and will practice that evening by making his famous Mulligitawny Stew a la Gildersleeve, a standby from his younger days when he was “baching it.” He really gets into the spirit of things, announcing to the children in a terrible French accent that, “Ze great chef Francois Gildersleeve will go into ze kitchen and prepare ze meal. Oooh-la-la!” To which Leroy responds, “Oh, bru-THAIR’!”

    Gildy’s stew is boiling away on the stove, replete with the mingled aromas of potatoes, leftover meat, succotash, pigs’ feet and rhubarb. Judge Hooker drops by and makes fun of Gildy: “My, you look very fetching in that pink apron. May I take you dancing tonight, Priscilla?” The Judge talks Gildy into abandoning his stew and coming to dinner at the Summerfield Grille.

    The next day, Gildy is on his way to hire a cook for the evening when he stops to chat with Floyd Munson, who gives him an idea. The Hercules Kitchenware Company has a salesman who will buy and cook an entire meal in your home to demonstrate his pots and pans. Gildersleeve makes the arrangements, and Mr. Wright arrives with his groceries. Gildersleeve introduces him to Adeline as an old friend, and the two soon strike up a mild flirtation. Mr. Wright tells Adeline she looks just like Ingrid Bergman, to which Gildy replies, “She looks more like Una Merkel to me” — Una Merkel being the actress who played Adeline.

    Adeline goes off to the kitchen to watch Mr. Wright prepare dinner. The night turns out well, though, for Mr. Wright, when he sells Adeline a complete set of pots and pans.

  • Fishing Trip Disaster
    Broadcast 5/5/48

    Leroy wants his uncle to take him fishing at Grass Lake on Saturday. Gildy doesn’t want to go, and says that Leroy has to practice the piano two hours on Saturday. In the discussion that follows, Leroy lies about having practiced the previous Saturday, which make Gildy angry. Leroy goes up to bed early, disappointed and in disgrace, while Gildy storms off to Adeline Fairchild’s.

    Adeline has bought some new piano music which she wants to try out. Her first choice is “Sonny Boy.” Gildy doesn’t want to sing it, but when Adeline plays, he sings a heartfelt rendition of the song:

    Friends may forsake me,
    Let them all forsake me,
    I’ll still have you, Sonny Boy.

    Gildersleeve is overcome with sentiment and rushes home. He wants to go to bed early so he can get up in the early and take Leroy fishing.

    Gildy and Leroy go to Grass Lake the next morning, and, despite a run-in with the Game Warden. Leroy doesn’t need a fishing license because of his age, and Gildersleeve is only rowing, not fishing, but before the matter is settled, Gildy and the Game Warden have an argument.

    Despite this unpleasantness, Leroy catches some large fish. The problem is, when they get them back home, nobody is willing to clean them. Leroy takes off. Birdie is willing to cook them, but not clean them. Gildy brings them downtown to show his friends, not exactly mentioning that it was Leroy who actually caught the fish. Floyd Munson is willing to host a fish-fry for the Jolly Boys, but not to clean the fish using his barbering razors. Mr. Peavey also refuses, promising to bring the Cokes instead.

    Gildersleeve has better luck with the amiable Chief Gates, who immediately sets to work cleaning the fish. As he’s doing that, the Game Warden walks in, and asks about the fish. Chief Gates says that Gildersleeve caught them, causing much embarrassment. The Chief calls Leroy and tells him that his uncle claimed to have caught the fish, and Leroy, knowing what it’s like to be caught in a lie, generously backs up his uncle’s story.

    The whole mess is eventually straightened out. That night Leroy attends the fish-fry, and the Jolly Boys sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” in his honor.

  • Staying Home Sick
    Broadcast 5/12/48

  • Green Thumb Women’s Club
    Broadcast 5/19/48

  • The Mercedes Benz
    Broadcast 6/2/48

  • Fired
    Broadcast 6/2/48

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