Season 11 : 1951 – 1952

  • Teaching Leroy How to Drive
    Broadcast 9/5/51

    Leroy goes over to visit Piggy, and discovers that Piggy has a car. Leroy wants one, too. He goes home and pesters his uncle, whining and complaining and cajoling, and even bursting into tears. Gildersleeve tells Leroy that he can have a car when he saves enough money to buy one himself, thinking this will take a long time.

    The next day, Leroy goes out and buys an old car for five dollars. When Gildersleeve sees it, he orders Leroy to remove it from the property. Judge Hooker convinces Gildy that he should be a good fellow and let Leroy keep the car, which Leroy will probably never get running. Gildersleeve agrees, but much to his dismay, when they make one more attempt at getting the car to start, it works.

    Peavey points out that the car probably won’t pass inspection, so they arrange to bring the car downtown to show it to Police Chief Gates. Gildy drives Leroy’s car while Marjorie and Leroy follow in the family car. When Gildersleeve gets downtown, the Chief and Judge Hooker are waiting, but Gildersleeve can’t stop the car– no brakes. He has to circle the parking lot until he runs out of gas.

    All ends well, when Police Chief Gates condemns the car, and offers to buy it from him so he can use it as a bad example in his campaign to get unsafe vehicles off the road. He pays Leroy ten dollars, so Leroy has doubled his money. Now he wants to buy two cars!

  • Gildy and Rumson Bullard are Fighting Again
    Broadcast 9/12/51

    The county fair is coming, and Gildersleeve has four tickets to the harness races. He plans to take Katherine Milford, and offers the other pair to Marjorie and Bronco, but they have other plans.

    Leroy is fighting with a boy named Pete, and his uncle gives him advice. He tells Leroy to turn the other cheek and return good for evil. Following his own advice, Gildersleeve offers the extra pair of tickets to his enemy, Rumson Bullard. Bullard takes the tickets, and asks Katherine Milford to go with him. Gildersleeve is angry, and give his tickets to the Peaveys, asking them to keep an eye on Bullard and Katherine. Mr. Peavey assures him that nothing escapes Mrs. Peavey "At least I didn’t!".

    Walking by Katherine’s house, Gildersleeve sees Bullard’s car parked outside, with a flat tire. Should he go tell Bullard or not? He debates the issue, and decides to do the right thing and go tell Bullard. Just then Bullard comes out, sees the car, and accuses Gildersleeve of letting the air out. The two men argue and Gildersleeve storms away.

    Gildersleeve runs into Leroy, who has seen Bullard with his flat tire. He asks Gildersleeve why he isn’t helping, and Gildersleeve blows up. Leroy tells him to turn the other cheek and return good for evil, just like he has done with Pete, who is now his friend.

    Gildersleeve goes back and offers to help Bullard, but the tire has already been changed. Bullard now knows that Gildy had nothing to do with the flat tire, and he apologizes. The two men exchange kind words, and for the first time, they call each other Rumson and Gildy.

    Bullard rives away, and Katherine comes out. She tells Gildersleeve that Bullard can’t go to the fair after all, and has left the tickets. She asks Gildy to take her, and he is delighted. He is even more delighted when she rewards his good behavior with a kiss. But he’s less delighted when they get to the races, and Bullard shows up.

  • Falling for Rumson Bullard’s Sister
    Broadcast 9/19/51

    Judge Hooker is driving Gildy to the office and Leroy to school. They are running late because of the fussing around of Birdie and Marjorie, and Leroy is complaining about bossy women. He suggests that the three bachelors agree to have nothing to do with women, but neither Gildy nor the Judge is willing to make the pledge.

    The Judge bumps into a car driven by a lovely lady. Gildy notes that the car belongs to Rumson Bullard, and learns from Marjorie that the woman is Bullard’s widowed sister Paula Winthrop, who has come to stay with her daughter Babs. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he finally convinces Paula to go out with him.

  • Marjorie Takes a Job at Gildy’s Office
    Broadcast 9/26/51

    After a frustrating evening trying to put the twins to bed, Marjorie announces that she wants to get a job. Bronco opposes this idea, and Gildersleeve finds himself in the middle. Judge Hooker suggests that Gildy give Marjorie a temporary job in his office, substituting for his secretary who is on vacation. This is supposed to give Marjorie a taste of office life, and make her happy to stay at home. Hooker says that they all know that Marjorie is a “natural-born homemaker” and that if they want her to be bored with office life, he can’t think of a more boring office than the Water Commissioner’s.

    The next morning, Gildy brings the excited Marjorie to the office with him. He lets Bronco in on his plan to let Marjorie see how difficult office life is. Marjorie, however, turns out to be a model of efficiency and enjoys her day at the office, even handling the fake complaint calls from the Jolly Boys. She even impresses the Mayor. It takes Birdie to get Marjorie back home with her children where everyone agrees that she belongs.

  • The Jolly Boys Presidential Election
    Broadcast 10/3/51

    Gildersleeve is President of the Jolly Boys, but Judge Hooker would like to replace him. He has ideas for improving the club, and buys cigars for everyone. Gildy feels that he needs a plan of his own. He gets an idea from Leroy, whose football team engages in self-improvement through group criticism.

    Gildersleeve explains this plan to the other members of the club, all of whom agree that they would be interested in hearing honest, constructive criticism. At first, they are all too polite to offer any actual criticism of each other. But once they begin, they don’t know when to stop, and they end up having and argument and abruptly ending the meeting.

    The next day, Gildersleeve is miserable. He won’t go into Peavey’s drugstore or Floyd’s barbershop. He tells Marjorie and Bronco what happened, but the discussion of willingness to accept criticism results in a fight between the young couple.

    Gildersleeve walks downtown and sees a light on in the Jolly Boys meeting room. He goes upstairs and finds Peavey and Floyd. They had both gone home and tried the self-improvement through criticism idea on their wives, with bad results. Chief Gates and Judge Hooker arrive. The men decide to forget the project, re-elect Gildersleeve unanimously, and get back to singing.

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