Season 10 : 1950 – 1951

  • Difficulty with Leroy When He’s Too Good!
    Broadcast 2/14/51

    Bronco brings home a book about modern child rearing in anticipation the arrival of their baby. The book warns to “beware of the perfect child” who is building up terrible frustrations. This book comes into their home at the same time that Leroy has been mysteriously transformed into a perfect child– obedient, polite, and generally acting like “Little Lord Fauntleroy on Christmas Eve.”

    Gildersleeve worries over Leroy’s perfect behavior, and then Leroy finds the book and tries to oblige with “stubborn spirit.” Eventually, Gildy discovers the real reason for Leroy’s transformation– guilt!

  • Marjorie’s Twins Are Born
    Broadcast 2/21/51

    Marjorie is ready to have her baby, but where is Bronco? Gildy and Leroy drive all over town looking for him, a task made more difficult by a tire that Leroy has to keep pumping up. Fortunately, Bronco makes it to the hospital just in time, and Gildersleeve joins him in the Fathers’ Room just in time to hear the news, “It’s a girl!” He seems a little disappointed, but then the nurse comes back with more news, “It’s a boy!” Bronco and Marjorie have twins.

  • Attempting to Name the Twins
    Broadcast 2/28/51

    Marjorie is still in the hospital with the twins, and she and Bronco are having trouble coming up with names for the twins. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they have a lot of help. Gildy says that the babies look like Gildersleeves, and should have Gildersleeve names. Leroy responds “Like Gildersleeve and Gildersleevette?” He has a suggestion of his own,however: Leroy.

    Gildy talks to Mr. Peavey about the problem, and again suggests that the babies should have Gildersleeve names. Peavey asks if he means “Throckmorton” and Gildy says they could do worse– to which Peavey predictably replies, “Well, now, I wouldn’t say that!” Peavey has a few suggestions from his own family, his own middle name, Quincy, or another family name, Lute. In fact, how about Lute and Flute, nice musical names?

    Gildersleeve gets the family tree from the safe and brings it to the hospital, hoping it will suggest some appropriate names. The bossy Mrs. Thompson and her befuddled husband have already beaten him to it. The two families get together for dinner and an argument over which side should name the babies. Bronco finally stands up to them all, and declares that he and Marjorie will be the ones to name the babies. At the end of the program, there is an announcement for a contest to name the babies.

  • Bringing the Twins Home from the Hospital
    Broadcast 3/7/51

    Early one morning, Marjorie calls home to announce that she’s ready to come home from the hospital. She asks for Bronco, but he’s in the shower and she talks to her uncle instead. She tells him to tell Bronco what time to pick her and the babies up, but Gildy, hearing things his own way, decides he’ll pick her up at the hospital. This is disappointing to Leroy, who has a day off from school due to frozen pipes and had planned to go to the office with Gildy. Not only does he miss that opportunity, but he is told he can’t come to the hospital to pick up Marjorie and the twins. He feels neglected and left out, and decides to go move down to the basement.

    Meanwhile, however, Marjorie and Bronco talk on the phone, and Bronco makes plans to pick up his wife and children. He borrows Mr. Bullard’s big car, and plans to have Marjorie and one of the babies lie in the back while Birdie holds the other baby in the front seat. This means that there is no room for Gildy, who feels as left out as Leroy.

  • The Jolly Boys or Katie Lee?
    Broadcast 3/14/51

    Gildersleeve finds out that Floyd is planning to skip the Jolly Boys meeting to do his income taxes, and give him a lecture on loyalty to the group. Then Gildy receives a special delivery letter (pink envelope, doused in perfume) from the beautiful folksinger, Katie Lee, that he had met one rainy day. She will be in Summerfield for a few hours that evening, between trains, and would love to see him.

    Gildersleeve knows he shouldn’t miss the Jolly Boys meeting, but he can’t resist the charms of the beautiful Katie Lee. He goes to the barbershop for the full treatment, and tells the Floyd and Judge Hooker that he has to miss the meeting to meet a friend. They assume he means a man, until he drops the letter on the floor.

    That night, Gildy sends Leroy, Marjorie and Bronco off to the movies. He meets Katie at the train, and brings her to his house to sit by the fire. She takes out her guitar and sings him a song, and then company arrives, the Jolly Boys. Gildersleeve is annoyed at them but Katie welcomes them, and sings them “The Girl in the Wood” with the haunting chorus, “Remember me…Remember me…Remember for the rest of your life…”

    Just as she finishes, a taxi arrives to take her back to the station, and she leaves the Jolly Boys, who will remember the beautiful young singer for the rest of their lives.

  • Bronco Runs the Gildersleeve House
    Broadcast 3/21/51

    One morning Bronco and Marjorie bring the crying twins into the kitchen and Bronco mentions that a banging shutter on an upstairs window woke the babies. In fact, he mentions it more than once, and mentions that Gildersleeve had promised to have it fixed. Gildy says that he is always willing to listen to constructive suggestions about the household, and Bronco makes a few more. Despite the fact that he had invited Bronco’s remarks, Gildy finds himself resenting them. He decides to stop in a the barbershop to "cool off under a hot towel."

    He discusses the situation with Floyd, who offers some advice. If Bronco thinks he can run the household, why not let him try it? This is what Floyd tried with his wife Lovey, who soon begged him to take over again, and who "hasn’t opened her yap since."

    Gildersleeve decides to try this plan, and turns the reins of the household over to Bronco. Leroy and Marjorie soon find themselves on a strict budget. When Bronco tries to interfere with Birdie’s management of the food budget, he runs into some problems. But thing get even worse when Bronco won’t advance Gildersleeve money to go bowling with Judge Hooker, and Gildy discovers that Bronco has cancelled his charge account at Peavey’s drugstore.

    When Gildersleeve goes home to confront Bronco, he finds that Bronco is ready to resign. Bronco turns the books back over to Gildersleeve who is impressed with how much money has been saved…at least until Leroy, Marjorie and Birdie all come to him needing money.

  • Gildy and Leroy Babysit the Twins
    Broadcast 3/28/51

    Leroy complains to his uncle that he is hardly allowed to see the twins, let alone hold them or feed them. Gildersleeve assures him that he will be, when the babies are a little older, and that Marjorie, Bronco and Birdie are just being cautious. He soon realizes, however, that he’s also being kept away from the babies. Every time he tries to hold one or carry one, one of the young parents or Birdie steps in.

    When Bronco and Marjorie decide to go to the movies, Gildersleeve gives Birdie the night off so that he can babysit. With much difficulty, he manages to get everyone to leave so he and Leroy can babysit. As soon as they are all gone, however, the trouble begins. When they try to feed the babies warm milk, they cry. Nothing seems to help. A call to Peavey doesn’t help, and just when the babies have fallen asleep, Judge Hooker rings the doorbell and wakes them up.

    Finally, Birdie arrives home, and quickly realizes what the problem was– Gildy has been trying to feed the babies buttermilk! She sings them a lullaby and they go to sleep peacefully just in time for the arrival of Marjorie and Bronco.

  • Rumson Bullard Is After Gildy’s Girl!
    Broadcast 5/16/51

    Gildersleeve has a brief conversation with his rich and usually obnoxious neighbor Rumson Bullard, and finds him surprisingly mellow. He talks this over with Judge Hooker, who suggests that Bullard may be lonely living alone. However, Gildersleeve soon learns that Bullard isn’t lonely at all, since he’s been going out boating with Gildersleeve’s neglected girlfriend, Katherine. He and Floyd the barber decide to go out fishing to spy on the couple.

  • Bronco’s Mother Overstays Her Visit
    Broadcast 5/23/51

    Bronco’s kindly, befuddled, father stops by one evening after work to spend a few minutes with the twins. Gildersleeve, who likes Mr. Thompson but dislikes the hypercritical Mrs. Thompson, invites Mr. Thompson to come again, and spend more time with the family– in fact, they agree that Mr. and Mrs. Thompson will come the next evening for dinner.

    Nobody expects what happens next. Mr. Thompson is in a hurry, can’t stay for dinner, and just has time to drop off his wife– with her suitcase! She’s planning to spend the night while Mr. Thompson is off on an overnight business trip. She manages to insult everyone, including Birdie. Marjorie defends her, until they have a major conflict over the babies: schedule vs. demand feeding. The family takes comfort in the fact that she’ll be leaving soon, until the telegram from Mr. Thompson arrives saying he’ll be delayed for a day. And then for another day…but when Gildersleeve goes to the Thompsons’ house to feed the canary, he learns the truth about Mr. Thompson’s business trip!

  • Gildersleeve’s Vacation with His Family
    Broadcast 5/30/51

    Gildy has the family vacation all planned, down to the very last minute. On the day that they are set to leave, however, things quickly fall behind schedule. Marjorie needs to bathe the twins, Bronco needs to pick up formula, and then there’s the problem of luggage– too many things, and no room for people!

    The family tries to work through every possible way to resolve this problem, including making two trips to bring everyone, or dividing the vacation time between them. They only reach a solution, however, when they stop trying, and all pile into the car to get some lunch.

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