Richard Crenna

Richard Crenna played the role of Bronco Thompson, Marjorie’s boyfriend and later husband on the later years of the program. Crenna had a long and successful acting career in radio, television and movies. He played teenage boys on several different radio programs, with his best-know radio role no doubt the dopey and devoted high school student Walter Denton on “Our Miss Brooks.” He moved from radio to television as Walter Denton, and then had a major television hit playing Luke McCoy on “The Real McCoys” from 1957-1963.

Richard Crenna’s movie career includes many dramatic and comic character roles, ranging from the criminal who terrorized a blind Audrey Hepburn in the 1967 chiller, “Wait Until Dark,” to the 1998 Leslie Nielsen spoof, “Wrongfully Accused.”

In addition to acting, Richard Crenna has also narrated documentaries, including “Driving Passion” and “The Bermuda Triangle” and has directed episodes for many television series. His last role was playing Jared Duff, tycoon financiar and Tyne Daley’s fiance, on “Judging Amy.”


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