My Twelve Most Viewed Photos on Google Maps

I like taking and sharing photographs of places. I’m not so interested in gorgeous, sweeping landscapes — mountains and rivers and rock formations — which is just as well, since I lack both the technical skills and the aesthetic sensibilities for that sort of photography. I’m not a photographer, I’m a librarian by trade and at heart, and my photographs intended as information, not inspiration.

According to Google, I’ve added 289 photographs to Google Maps. Here are the top twelve by views, an interesting assortment. I’m affiliated through my job with Merrimack College, Endicott College, Philips Academy Andover and the Beverly Public Library, so I’m in those places quite often, or was before the Pandemic. The Hamilton House of Pizza and the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library are just a couple of blocks from my house, and (again, before the Pandemic) were part of my everyday life. White Farm, otherwise known as the Place with the Cow on the Roof is about 15 minutes from my house and is a family favorite.

The picture of the Grafton Inn and the Day and Night Diner were just opportunistic shots when I happened to be nearby. I think I took the photo of Dragon Express at a bus stop or maybe from the window of a bus, and the statue of the boar at Campbell College in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was just a quick snap from the car window while we looking for the parking lot.

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