Nothing New Here

It’s a rainy Sunday. This morning I went out for breakfast and parked in front of the Beverly Public Library. I took a picture of the roses there, wet with rain. On my way home, I stopped at the Wenham Cemetery for a few minutes and took a picture of the autumn leaves on the trees and on the ground. Then I stopped for a few minutes at Hamilton-Wenham Public Library to take a picture of the library and another looking down Union Street — more autumn leaves on trees and on the ground.

If I look through my 8,000+ photographs on Flickr, I can find near duplicates for each of these pictures. I like the rain. I like roses. I like autumn leaves. I drive past this library and this cemetery nearly every day, sometimes five or more times a day. I like stopping to take pictures, and often find myself standing in pretty much the exact same spot, taking nearly identical pictures.

I like to think of myself as an adventurous person. I love to travel and photograph new places, and I like to take that traveler’s mindset at home, and explore the area where I live, finding and photographing places with historical significance, or just things I find visually interesting.

But I also love my daily routine, and don’t mind taking nearly identical photographs of familiar places. For me, photography is not primarily about creativity, it’s about appreciating and capturing whatever catches my eye on any given day, even if that means I end up with lots of nearly identical pictures.

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