Beverly YMCA Sign

Beverly YMCA Before RestorationI have always liked the big blue sign at the Beverly YMCA. I like bulb signs, and you don’t see too many around anymore. And I liked the color — blue is my favorite color, and blue seemed like an appropriate color for this location which is just a few blocks from the shore.

Somehow in all the years that I have lived here, and with all the time I spend right in this neighborhood, I never got around to photographing it until last August. I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer, because the next time I was there a week or so later the sign was gone, sent off for a much-needed restoration, as I learned from this article:

Give me a Y…Century-old Beverly sign getting back in shape by Paul Leighton, Salem News, August 15, 2012

Beverly YMCA After RestorationAccording the article, Jess Hanson of Star Sign Company was originally planning to scrape the sign down and repaint it, but he discovered that underneath all the paint was the original cobalt blue porcelain, which he could restore.

The new sign went up a few months ago. I love old porcelain panels because they remind me of old diner exteriors and my grandfather’s kitchen table. I love cobalt blue because it reminds me of old Evening in Paris bottles, which I considered to be the height of elegance when I was a child.

You’ll notice that most of the things I like are because they remind me of something. But one of the good things about getting old is that practically everything reminds me of something.

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