SoundHound: Instant Music Search and Discovery — There aren’t too many apps that I can say have truly enhanced my life, but SoundHound has, because it has connected to me to so much new and old music that I would otherwise have missed. It took me a while to get into the habit of grabbing my phone and using it whenever I heard a song I like when I’m sitting in the Atomic Cafe or when they’re using a song I don’t know in the background of a TV program. It has lots of different features, but this is the one I use the most — hear a song, tap “What’s That Song?” and in less than a minute, it usually identifies the song and artist, with links to listen or buy the song, see a video, read the lyrics and more. It’s pretty amazing — it nearly always finds the right song. The only time I have a problem is when there’s too much talking going on over the music. Otherwise, it’s not easy to stump it, even with relatively obscure songs.

It’s not until I started using SoundHound to identify music that I realized how often in the past I have heard an unfamiliar song that interested me and tried to remember a snatch of tune or lyrics to try to look it up or ask around to find out what it was, and just never did. I also like using it for very familiar old songs when I just can’t remember (or maybe never knew) the title or artist.

The other way I use SoundHound is by speaking a title and/or artist into the phone and letting it do a search. This is handy when someone refers to a song I’ve heard of but can’t remember. You can also sing into the phone as a search, but I seldom do, and SoundHound seems to have trouble recognizing my renditions for reasons possibly related to my singing ability.

This app does so much more, but it’s these two that have enriched my life. Hear a song, and get an instant identifiction; think of a song, and instantly
hear samples. Amazing!

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