Dover Country Store Revisited

Dover Depot

I made an unplanned sidetrip to Dover today and went to the old train station that was once the Dover Country Store, one of my family’s favorite places when I was a child. (I wrote about it here: Dover Country Store.) I had heard it was occupied by a real estate office, but it was empty, with a big FOR LEASE sign.

For one crazy moment, I thought my sister and I could lease it and restore it exactly the way we remember it, and I pictured myself sorting through the books and arranging the penny candy, with my sister in charge of everything else. I imagined myself calling her and telling her my plan and she’d say “Count me in!” and it would be the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, or maybe the pilot episode for a sitcom.

But that dream only lasted for a minute or two, because neither of us is looking to start a new chapter right now, we’re both otherwise occupied and neither of us lives anywhere near Dover. And our memories of that time and place lives in our hearts, we don’t need to try to turn them into a business. It was fun imagining it, though.

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