Christmas Illustrations from the Internet Archive

I love the Internet Archive for its amazing collection of public domain books. It also includes lots of wonderful pictures that are somewhat lost because they’re scanned as part of books. I think of these images as being “trapped” in books, and every once in a while, I search around and liberate some by making a screenshot of just the image, doing a little minor editing mostly to correct the colors and posting them on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons, hoping to make them easier for people to find and use.

ChristmasThe process takes me just a few minutes once I’ve selected an image. The images that I am getting from the screenshots are small and they’re not high quality, but I think they’re useful enough for my purposes.

I especially like doing Christmas images, like this illustration by Katharine R. Wireman for The Birds’ Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggins, published in 1889.
Christmas Illustrations from the Internet Archive — I haven’t done too many of these but I set up this board for them on Pinterest in the hopes of inspiring myself to do more

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