All Things Must Pass


A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful pumpkin at Canaan Farm and put it on my front steps along with some glorious autumn chrysanthemums. The flowers have been fading day by day and the pumpkin’s been looking a little less perky. I know pumpkins don’t last very long, but I was hoping this one would make it to Halloween. The flowers are now totally dead, and this morning I discovered that some disrespectful nocturnal animal left bite marks in my wonderful pumpkin. Time to give up and clear off the front steps, I think.

But at least I have this picture! Photographs can’t stop people and things from growing up, growing old, changing, breaking, getting lost and passing away, but they do let us cheat time just a bit by preserving the image of things just the way they were at one moment in time.

Not Quite So Pretty

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