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Bib in ProgressI sewed a lot when I was younger, making clothes for myself and later for my daughters. It’s really the only crafty or domestic skill I ever had. I wasn’t particularly good at it, and avoided making things that were complicated or involved any real precision. But I was good enough to make the basics and occasionally got pretty creative with Halloween costumes, making my own patterns and having a lot of fun.

But it’s been about twenty years since I have done any sewing, and about fifteen years since I lost my large collection of fabric, patterns and sewing supplies when a pipe burst in the basement. My daughters were grown by that point, and I’d pretty much lost interest in sewing. I’ve never really had to urge to start sewing again, but all of that changed about two weeks ago, when my first grandchild was born and I suddenly knew I wanted to start sewing again

I needed inspiration so I did what I always do these days, I searched online. My sewing skills are so rusty I decided to start small, so I searched for baby bibs. I found some beautiful sewing blogs with ideas and tutorials and even free patterns to print out, as well as lots of videos demonstrating various sewing techniques. In the old days, I would occasionally buy sewing magazines or browse through books for ideas, but I couldn’t have imagined having access to so much helpful information and wonderful photographs.

I went off to the fabric store and stocked up on cute baby boy prints and sewing supplies and got to work. Inspired by all those creative bloggers, I made my own paper pattern and made a simple bib. And having looked at all their great how-to articles, I took pictures of the bib at three different stages and posted them on Flickr and Facebook, and enjoyed the encouragement of my friends. Sewing was always a solitary hobby for me, but now sewing is social, the way most things are now social if you want them to be. I think I’m going to enjoy this!

My Favorite Bib Patterns from Sewing Blogs

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