Comic-Con Strikes Again!

Comic-Con Strikes Again!I just finished reading Comic-Con Strikes Again! by Douglas Wolk — although it really be would be more accurate to say I just started and finished reading it. It’s a Kindle Single, and it’s only the equivalent of 26 printed pages.

It’s about Comic-Con International, an annual event held in San Diego that celebrates comics, graphic novels, science fiction, fantasy, anime, mango, video games and popular culture “transmedia’ properties like Star Wars, Twilight, etc. How interested am I in this subject? A little more than magazine-article interested, but quite a bit less than whole-book interested, so this Kindle Single was perfect for me. There isn’t much history here, or social, cultural or literary analysis. It’s really like following author Douglas Wolk around the convention and having him reminisce a bit and point out things that interest him. Wolk is the author of the Eisner Award-winning “Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean” and he’s an amiable guide.

This book(?) is a good example of why I like the Kindle Singles. I love long, narrative nonfiction works by authors like Simon Winchester and Erik Larson, but there are some topics that suit me just fine as a single serving,

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