Podcamp Boston 4

View from the WindowI had a great time this weekend at Podcamp Boston 4. The organizers did a wonderful job — there was enough planning and communication before and during the event to keep things running smoothly, but things were casual enough to be much more flexible and fun than most of the conferences I attend. I also really liked the venue, the Campus Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Beautiful harbor views from the windows, and a good place to get out and walk a bit during the breaks. At least one group met outside yesterday to enjoy the weather and the view.

But the best part of the experience was meeting so many really interesting people. We were a diverse group in many ways, including age, professional background and specific interests within the social media world, and that’s what made it so interesting. (The fact that every was so bright and friendly and funny also helped!)

Links from the Photography Session

I did a session on Photography and Community this morning. It was a discussion rather than a presentation, but here’s a list of links to some of the things I mentioned:

Migrant Mother

Iran Missile Photograph

Lewis Hine

  • Lewis Hine Project — Joe Manning’s research into the identity and stories of the child laborers in the photographs
  • Joe Manning — Interview on Todd Wemmer’s Lost and Found Photos podcast

Then and Now Photographs


  • Diners — My diner photographs on Flickr
  • Diners — This Flickr group has over 4,000 diner photographs from over 1,000 members
  • Worcester Lunch Car Company — Flickr group devoted to diners made by one manufacturer

Photos and Google Maps

So Bad They’re Good

  • Holga — One of several Flickr groups dedicated to the Holga plastic toy camera
  • Pinhole Photography — Over 5,000 examples of pinhole photographs, taken without a lens
  • Through the Viewfinder — “Through the Viewfinder photography is defined as taking a picture of any subject through the viewfinder of any camera with another camera.”

Flickr Commons

Creative Commons

  • Creative Commons — Flickr’s Creative Commons page
  • Creative Commons — Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that increases sharing and improves collaboration.”


Cool Tools

  • Picnik — A free site that makes it easy to edit photographs: simple cropping and resizing, borders, add text and lots of special effect. This is the program behind the edit button on Flickr but you can also use it for photos on your computer or from other social sites. There’s also a premium version with more features.
  • Big Huge Labs — Home of “fd’s Flickr Toys” has lots of simple tools for doing interesting things with photos on and off Flickr.

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