Miss Worcester Diner

Miss Worcester DinerYesterday I finally took some pictures of the Miss Worcester Diner, something I’ve been meaning to do for years. I have vivid memories of visiting my grandparents in Worcester when I was a young child. We lived in the Boston suburbs, and the gritty urban landscape of South Worcester slightly fascinated me. The Miss Worcester Diner, with an old factory behind, and the rusty railroad overpass across the way, seemed to me to be the very symbol of the city.

Our family moved to Worcester when I was ten, after my father died, and the Miss Worcester Diner became just an ordinary sight, one of those places you pass all the time on the way somewhere else, the punchline of occasional jokes. It wasn’t until I left Worcester that I came to appreciate the Miss Worcester and its unique role in the diner world. It was across the street from the Worcester Lunch Car Company’s factory, and it served as the company’s showpiece and model.

A few years ago, I was sad to hear that the Miss Worcester was closed and its future was in doubt, and happy to hear that its ownership had been worked out, and the diner had been restored and was open once again, and I was glad to have a chance to go take a few pictures. I definitely need to go back soon to have a meal there, and take some interior shots.

The Miss Worcester Diner is now officially known as B.K.’s Miss Worcester Diner, and it’s Worcester Lunch Car Company #817.

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