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Dale Chihuly is one of the most celebrated artists of our time. His dazzling glass works of all sizes are widely exhibited, and can be seen not only in museums and galleries, but in permanent and temporary installations around the world.

With so many artworks available in so many public locations, it’s not surprising that Chihuly’s work is so frequently photographed. But I was rather amazed when I did a search on Chihuly on Flickr, and found over 42,000 hits! Sort by Flickr’s “interestingness” formula and you see a pretty amazing collection of photographs of different aspects of Chihuly’s work:Flickr Chihuly search by Interestingness

The photograph above is Boat of Blue Lilies by Van Swearingen, photographed at Chihuly’s “Gardens and Glass” exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden, and the one to the right is Chihuly by Thomas Hawk, taken at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Photographs like these are really creative works of art in their own right, and Chihuly’s works, in all their size and complexity and with the interplay of light that’s inherent in photographing glass, and the incredible variety of images on Flickr is something I can’t imagine seeing in any sort of exhibition, book or single website. Exploring these Chihuly photographs has really heightened my interest and appreciation of Chihuly’s work.

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