Season 12 : 1952 – 1953

  • The Jam Session
    Broadcast 3/18/53

    Leroy wants to spend all his time having jam sessions with Babs. He tells his uncle that he wants to be a drummer and go on the road with Babs, who sings "Chattanooga Choo-Choo". Gildersleeve wants Leroy to be exposed to the finer things in life, like young Clara Pettibone and her cello.

    Gildersleeve invites Clara over for a musical Saturday afternoon. Leroy puts on his blue suit and Birdie arranges the house and the food to be as stuffy as possible. But when Clara arrives, Leroy is nowhere to be found. After a strained conversation with Clara about Grieg and Mozart, Gildersleeve
    leaves to go find Leroy. He’s at Peavey’s drugstore when he gets a call from Birdie. Leroy has come home with Babs, and they are having a jam session.

    Gildersleeve rushes home to save the day, but he finds all three of the young people getting along just fine, and Clara slapping away at the cello.

  • The Rummage Sale
    Broadcast 3/25/53

    The hall closet is filled with stuff, and so is the attic, and the basement. Gildersleeve encourages Birdie to do some spring cleaning. She throws herself into it, and does a great job. Gildersleeve is pleased, until he looks at the pile of discarded items in the garage. He finds a few things that he wants to keep, and so do Leroy and Marjorie. Birdie is unhappy to see the family want to undo all her good work.

    Gildersleeve decides to bring all the discarded stuff to a rummage school at the school. His intentions are good, but nobody wants to buy the family’s castoff items.

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