Spring at the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library

Spring at the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library

Spring has arrived here in Massachusetts! Even though I have lived here nearly all my life, I always feel surprised when spring actually arrives. It’s not the warmer weather or the daffodils that gets me, it’s the blossoming trees. The whole rest of the year, I forget which trees burst into white and pink blossoms every spring, and then suddenly, there they all, outrageously beautiful! It’s like they have a secret life — they are plain folk all year and then get all fabulous for Carnival.

And I just go around taking pretty much the same pictures every spring, because every year it amazes me that flowers grow on trees.

It’s a Surprise Every Year

Every year there’s a week or two when there are blossoms on some trees and tiny pale green leaves on others, and there’s forsythia everywhere, just outrageously yellow. And then the season moves forward, all the trees are covered with dark green leaves, and the forsythia seems to disappear when it turns into green leafy shrubbery. When their brief bright season is over, I can’t identify forsythia by sight, and I don’t really remember which trees in my area are the kind that blossom.

And then all of a sudden, it’s April and I’m surprised and delighted by the amazing display!

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