Happy Halloween!

Vintage Postcards from Cardcow.com“The clock is striking midnight
The spell the witch will cast
All the fairies, ghosts and goblins
Will be conjured from the past”

I love the great collection of old postcards at Cardcow.com. It’s an online store, but they keep the card images and information online after they’re sold, and they’ve accumulated a huge collection over the years.

This 1912 Halloween postcard by Samuel L. Schmucker is one of my favorites — it’s quite racy and I like that owl thing on her head. Is that supposed to be some kind of hat or headdress, or a real bird that just happened to land there? This card is expensive, $129.95, but the image is available free to send as an ecard, download as wallpaper, or embed as a webpage.

Don’t Monkey With This Heart of Mine

Vintage Postcards from Cardcow.com

I’ve been browsing through the vintage Valentine postcards on CardCow. I couldn’t resist posting this one, because when I was growing up, I loved anything with monkeys or chimps, especially if they were dressed up like this one, and because the dog looks an awful lot like my dog, Nina.

This classic card is the work of cartoonist Richard F. Outcault, who created The Yellow Kid and Buster Brown and is considered the inventor of the modern comic strip.

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