The Motivator is another of great tool from fd’s Flickr Toys. It lets you take any image, add a frame and a few lines of text in the style of one of those motivational posters. Of course, the text can be anything at all : there’s a whole group of “demotivational” posters created with this tool, and it can also be used for a personal message for birthday, wedding or any occasion. You can even order a print from this site.

I tried it our using the same photograph of my dog Nina that I used for the Warholizer. I couldn’t think of anything motivational to write, so I used some words from Kahlil Gibran that popped up as a random quote on the site, and that seemed to match the trusting look in Nina’s eyes.

The Warholizer

Nina Warholizedfd’s Flickr Toys — John Watson has a great collection of simple, free tools that make it easy to explore and transform digital photographs in many different ways. Many work with any photograph, not just ones hosted on Flickr.

The Warholizer is one of my favorites, used here to turn my dog Nina into a pop icon.

In Watson’s words:

This toy was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe. Warhol created the paintings using silkscreens to create a kind of “assembly line” art. This toy attempts to simulate the false color and silkscreen effect digitally but really it’s a thing all its own. ‘Warholizer’ is more of a tribute than anything else.

Sitting in China

Sitting in China — By Michael Wolf

This is a collection of photographs of chairs, stools, benches, walls and other places where people in China sit. There are seats of every type, from the elegant to the makeshift seats Chinese people use to sit along the street and eat, sleep, work, talk, play cards and otherwise observe the street life. Old chairs, tied together with string, stools padded with rags– images of the way that the Chinese make do. This book reminds me of my time in China better than any book of scenery.

I suppose this doesn’t really count as part of my reading life, since it’s a book without words, but it’s definitely a book I recommend.

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