The Orange Dinosaur

Orange Dinosaur at Route 1 Miniature GolfThis big orange dinosaur fit right in with the Hilltop Steak House’s cows and giant cactus and the nearby Prince Leaning Tower of Pizza on Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts, all survivors of an over-the-top style of roadside attraction that’s giving way to franchises and chain stores.

But the mighty dinosaur was felled a few days ago by vandals who managed to somehow rock and topple the landmark. “It’s Easter Sunday. Jesus Christ rose from the dead and so will that dinosaur,’ vowed Diana Fay, owner of Route 1 Miniature Golf and Batting Cages in Saugus.
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Howard Street Cemetery: Salem, Mass.

Howard Street Cemetery: Salem, Mass.Salem is a city that values its history, if only as a salable commodity. But a visit to the Howard Street Cemetery doesn’t speak well for the community. This historic cemetery is right downtown, near the train station, near the Peabody Essex Museum, within walking distance of all of Salem’s tourist attractions, and it is, quite simply, a disgrace. Graves are overgrown, stones are tipped and some are broken, their pieces simply left lying on the ground. It’s full of leaves and litter, including a lot of old alcohol bottles.

The graves here seem to be mostly from the early 1800s, and as with all old cemeteries, you can’t help but notice how many babies and young children there are, often two or three from the same family.

Howard Street Cemetery: Salem, Mass.Perhaps this cemetery has received so little attention and care because by Salem standards, it’s not old enough. No Mayflower passengers here, no Salem Witch Trial judges here. And its location is unfortunate, sharing a long border with the old Salem Jail Complex, a historically significant site that has been empty for more than fifteen years, has become derelict and damaged by fires. The jail site and cemetery are included in tours of Salem’s haunted places, since supposedly people see ghosts here. The Jail Complex is scheduled for development, so perhaps the Howard Street Cemetery will get cleaned up as part of that effort. I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere.

But as it is now, the Howard Street Cemetery is a disgrace to the City of Salem.

Salem Jail and Howard Street Cemetery — More of my photographs

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