Giant Squid Kinetic Sculpture

I love the strange and wonderful work of sculptor Nemo Gould, who makes kinetic sculptures using found materials. My favorite is the Giant Squid, which you can see in all its moving glory on this YouTube video.


Sólfar: The Sun Voyager

Sólfar is a sculpture in Reykjavík, Iceland. I first saw this work in November, 2000, on my first visit to Iceland. I took a few photographs of it, like most tourists, but I can’t say that I really liked it. I thought it had a rather odd and awkward appearance.

When I returned to Iceland in the summer of 2003, I took a few more pictures of Sólfar, including the one seen here. I still didn’t really like it, it just seemed like one of those obligatory photographs. I remember walking around it, carefully choosing the best angle, and taking a single shot. I was happy with the result. I’m still happy with it. I think it’s a perfectly adequate picture. I added it to the Reykjavík article on Wikipedia, and that’s exactly what I think my picture is, a dull and dutiful, accurate picture of the subject.
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Nathaniel Hawthorne Flickr Group

Nathaniel HawthorneNathaniel Hawthorne — I just started a new group on Flickr for photographs related to Hawthorne’s life and works, including the House of the Seven Gables and the Custom House in Salem, and the Old Manse and Wayside in Concord.

The statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne shown here, which is on Hawthorne Boulevard in Salem, is by Bela Lyon Pratt, who also created the beautiful Science and Art sculptures outside the main entrance to the Boston Public Library. There are many photographs of the Nathaniel Hawthorne statue on Flickr, from all angles and in all seasons, and I hope many of them will be added to the new group.

Nathaniel Hawthorne — Flickr group

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