I love the old linen-textured postcards, especially the way the images fall somewhere between photographs and postcards. I especially like the most mundane ones, including the frankly commercial ones like this Tichnor Brothers postcard of The Carpet Shop, Inc., of Yonkers, New York (telephone number YOnkers 3-3905, if you want to give them a call.) The dreamlike image fascinates me — why are the showroom windows completely empty? Why is there nothing visible on either side of the building? Whose car is that parked out front, and why are there no signs of life? It’s so mysterious.

This postcard is from the Boston Public Library’s Tichnor Brothers Postcard Collection in the Digital Commonwealth.

5 thoughts on “The Carpet Shop

  1. I live near Yonkers (literaly across the street — the Bronx River Parkway divides our neighborhood from Yonkers), and this picture is fascinating. Here is some historical background on Yonkers and carpets. The article says that people in Yonkers called the Alexander Smith Carpet Company “the carpet shop,” but your picture seems to be of an actual shop, not the mills pictured in this article on Yonkers’s industrial history: http://www.uncoveringyonkers.com/economics.html

    I’ll try to find out more. Perhaps I can drive around and find the building in the picture!

  2. If they had only put the address on the postcard too, not only could Catherine drive there but we could look via various internet mapping services. And I’m surprised since I thought many people then didn’t have a telephone! It was at least 1972 before either of my (separated) parents did but that was in the “Deep South. (Dromana & Mount Waverley in Australia. We Aussies often upset Crackers by calling them Yanks, but they sure don’t seem Southern from here! ;~)

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