Good Health to All from Rexall

Rexall Sign

The Rexall sign at the Connolly’s Pharmacy in my neighborhood is illuminated again! When I went by on my lunch hour a few days ago, I saw a truck with a ladder extended to the sign, and I thought for sure it was being removed for good, but when I came by after work, it was lit up for the first time in my memory! I’m an Old Time Radio fan, and I’ve been working my way through the Phil Harris and Alice Faye program, sponsored by Rexall. Every episode opens with the word “Good Health to All from Rexall” and now I hear those words every time I drive by!

When I was growing up, Rexall stores were everywhere. Now they’re gone. To see more pictures of Rexall signs, check out this collection by state on the Roadside American site: Rexall Drug Store Signs, or Flickr’s Rexall Drug Store Group.

To learn more about the rise and fall of Rexall drugstores, read The Rexall Story: A History of Genius and Neglect by Mickey C. Smith.

Connolly’s Pharmacy
44 Bay Road
South Hamilton, Massachusetts

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