Quick Visit to Forest Hills Cemetery

The Gateway to Forest Hills Cemetery

Easter was a beautiful day here — there were blossoms on trees and it seemed like spring arrived in Boston overnight. It was still light when I was on my way home from Easter dinner in Jamaica Plain, and I decided to visit the nearby Forest Hills Cemetery. Forest Hills, founded in 1848, is an example of the garden or rural cemeteries of the 19th century, and was inspired by Mount Auburn Cemetery, founded in 1931 in Cambridge.

Although I have been to Mount Auburn many times, I had never been to Forest Hills. I was only able to spend a short time on Sunday, but I will definitely go back as soon as possible and spend much longer exploring, admiring and taking photographs. And before I do, I will do some research and prepare a map — there’s just way too much to see here to just wander around aimlessly! (Although garden cemeteries were actually designed to make them perfect for exactly that.)

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