Philco PC

Here’s a beautiful redesign of the personal computer from Dave Schultze of Schultzeworks, his design studio known for “lots of mostly bright ideas.” The design was inspired by the classic 1954 Philco Predicta, old typewriters, and the steampunk movement, and it’s a sleek and lovely work of modern minimalism, certainly the coolest device ever to run Windows.

I want to run right out and buy one, and design my home around it. Unfortunately, that’s not possible quite yet. This was designed for a contest sponsored by V-Ray, makers of 3D rendering technology for the Rhino modeling software, and the computer itself doesn’t actually exist yet. But it was awarded one of the top three prizes and has been getting a lot of attention, and I’m sure that one of the computer manufacturers will want to bring this beauty to market.

Philco PC from Dave Schultze on Vimeo.

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