Secret Frequencies : A New York Education — By…

Secret Frequencies : A New York Education — By John Skoyles

During the summer before his senior year of high school, John Skoyles started spending time with his shady but charismatic uncle, who was determined to show him the real New York. Meanwhile, his seductive single aunt got him a job working with her at Paramount Studios in Times Square, and also opened his eyes in many ways.

This is just my kind of book in so many ways. I am always attracted to dysfunctional family memoirs, especially coming of age ones. And, for some reason, I tend to like books that are about the adventures of a single summer. I always want to read anything that can be described using phrases like, “It was the summer that would change everything…”, especially in the summer.

And I love books about New York, especially books about “the real New York.” John Skoyles is just about my age, and so his New York summer in the 1960s corresponds pretty closely to my own time in New York. I love books and movies about New York in the sixties…including ones as dark as Joe and Midnight Cowboy.

But I really disliked this book, and I don’t really know why. I just found this whole family to be depressing, and the author’s “adventures” just seemed tawdry.

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