Smiley Tree Face

Smiley Face Tree

I don’t know who created the smiley face on the cut limb of a big old tree in my town, but I appreciate it. I pass it every day, sometimes several times a day, and I glance up every time.

Miss C.’s Poetry Voice

Newton Street NW
Washington, D.C.

I had the same teacher, Miss C., for both the third and fifth grades. She wasn’t my favorite teacher — she was quite demanding and didn’t have a warm or sympathetic manner. Third grade was a difficult year for me

New England Flood of May 2006


Ten years ago it started raining on Mother’s Day and continued raining for days. Many communities in this area, especially Peabody and areas along the Merrimack River, experienced serious flooding. Here in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, it wasn’t too bad, but

The Carpet Shop


I love the old linen-textured postcards, especially the way the images fall somewhere between photographs and postcards. I especially like the most mundane ones, including the frankly commercial ones like this Tichnor Brothers postcard of The Carpet Shop, Inc., of

The Scottish Screen Archive


I spend a lot of time working with old photographs, at home and at work, but I have recently started spending more time looking at old films online to help me be able to visualize the times and places where

Gone But Not Forgotten: Sweetheart Cottage

My Favorite Cottage Is Still for Sale

I first fell in love with this little red cottage in Asbury Grove in 2008. It looked so cheerful and tidy, with the fancy white woodwork and the heart-shaped decorative elements. It looked like something out of an old cartoon,

Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Train

The Lincoln Funeral Train

Abraham Lincoln’s funeral service was held on April 19, 1865, after which the coffin was brought by procession to the Capitol Rotunda for a ceremonial burial service. The following morning, after a prayer service for the Lincoln cabinet, the coffin

Past and present in Beverly Gas & Tire mural

Pasrt and present: Beverly Gas & Tires mural

I’m a great admirer of artist Philip Coleman’s murals around the area, and I especially like the one he did on the side of the Beverly Gas & Tire building at near the intersection of Cabot and Rantoul Streets in

Nina in the Snow

Nina in the Snow

It’s been an amazing winter here in Boston. Almost no snow in December and the first half of January, and then BAM, two major snowstorms, Juno and Marcus, with freezing cold in between, no melting, and several smaller doses of

Happy Birthday Danny Kaye

Happy birthday to Danny Kaye, born on January 18, 1911! We listened to the soundtrack of “Hans Christian Andersen” all the time when I was growing up, even though I was too young to have seen the movie and had