Spring at the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library

Spring at the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library

Spring has arrived here in Massachusetts! Even though I have lived here nearly all my life, I always feel surprised when spring actually arrives. It’s not the warmer weather or the daffodils that gets me, it’s the blossoming trees. The whole rest of the year, I forget which trees burst into white and pink blossoms…

The Gateway to Forest Hills Cemetery

Quick Visit to Forest Hills Cemetery

Easter was a beautiful day here — there were blossoms on trees and it seemed like spring arrived in Boston overnight. It was still light when I was on my way home from Easter dinner in Jamaica Plain, and I decided to visit the nearby Forest Hills Cemetery. Forest Hills, founded in 1848, is an…

Smithsonian Institution, March 27, 2014

Trip to the Near Future

I subscribe to a the free PhotoJojo Time Capsule service that sends me an e-mail message every two weeks with a few of my most interesting photos from a year ago. Sometimes it reminds me of a trip or other special event, sometimes it reminds me of favorite places I may or may not have…

Tales of a Traveler

A Traveler’s Tales

This little book is an old school edition of “A Traveler’s Tales” by Washington Irving. My father bought it used at the Dover Country Store in the 1950s, and it looked antique to us even then. My father neatly wrote the title and author on the spine in black ink. The book is in terrible…

Scout House

Westwood Scout House

My earliest memories are set in Westwood, Massachusetts, where my family lived until I was seven years old. I was passing through Westwood a few days ago and pulled into the parking lot of Town Hall to take a look at the Scout House. It looks exactly the way it did before I started school,…


Girl Scout Cookies

“On November 11, 1932, Girl Scouts baked and sold cookies for the first time in the windows of the Philadelphia Gas and Electric Co. here. This endeavor soon became a Philadelphia tradition. In 1936 the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. adopted the annual cookie sale as a national program.”


Philadelphia Story

In January, 1944, my parents got married in a simple ceremony in the rectory of St. Peter’s Church in Worcester, Massachusetts, their hometown. My mother was 18 and my father was 22. He had graduated from WPI in February, 1943, an accelerated wartime class, and was doing war-related work in Philadelphia. After a honeymoon in…

Window into Summer

Window into Summer

In the summer, Philip Coleman’s Calle Casa mural blends so well into the Casa de Moda building and surroundings that the black posts were added to keep people from trying to drive down this street and crashing into the building. In the winter, seeing the man in his summer shorts and tee and people enjoying…

Rexall Sign

Good Health to All from Rexall

The Rexall sign at the Connolly’s Pharmacy in my neighborhood is illuminated again! When I went by on my lunch hour a few days ago, I saw a truck with a ladder extended to the sign, and I thought for sure it was being removed for good, but when I came by after work, it…